Alyssa Marie Calls Out Fake-Deep Rappers on “BULL SHXT”

J. Cole once dedicated a record to fake-deep rappers on “Everybody Dies”. Though he isn’t targeting anyone directly, anyone who uses the concept of trying to be deep without presenting any substance becomes his target. You might not think it’s a problem, but Alyssa Marie addresses people who are on that bullshit in this boom bap record.

BULL SHXT” calls out any fake-deep rapper, or anyone who fits the description. Alyssa’s been on a hiatus, and her revival with this new record signifies her observation of hip hop’s current direction, which focuses on heavily-filtered lyrics and lack of substance. Lil Vape, personified by her friend Kaveh, represents the annoying rapper, who 9 times out of 10 isn’t skillful in rap, that constantly forces their mixtape on you.

While walking down Hollywood Boulevard, I vividly remember a group of rappers ambushing my friend and I, begging us to purchase their mixtapes. I’m not a fan of buying music from artists I don’t support, so bombarding me in the street isn’t going to get a penny from my pocket. Also, I guarantee the music was not that good considering they blasted it on a broken-down speaker. I don’t recall any lyrics, but I do remember it wouldn’t make a mark anywhere in the world.

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Despite parts of society accepting music without much substance, I think we need artists like Alyssa Marie who help balance the world by bringing in nothing but lyrical gems. If you placed your favorite rapper against Alyssa, who would win? I’ve already placed my bets.

Check out “BULL SHXT” by Alyssa Marie below:

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