Taking the ‘T’ out of Trap

Alyssa Marie’s got her eye on her opponents, calling them out on her latest track ‘Birds Eye’, released on June 5. No stranger to calling it as she sees it, the South Shore, MA rapper is calling out those who don’t want to work for the success that they want.

Story | Javonne Crumby

“Find something…take your time, why rush it? You wanna see the top but don’t wanna climb up/ wanna fly on somebody else’s dime it won’t be my budget — trust me.”

We know this game is full of people who want to see overnight success, instead of putting in the blood sweat and grind it takes to get things done. Alyssa has gotten offers from many record labels mainstream and indie alike, who have no doubt tried to make her change lanes.

“They don’t want the bars they just want that trap flow/ you didn’t get the message then that sh*t is ‘hell no’.”

While trap may be dominating the charts right now, Alyssa doesn’t try to alter her sound to mimic mainstream artists and appease the masses. She’s got a faithful fan base that love her lyricism and how she’s preserving socially conscious Hip-Hop.

“They’re just tryna get recognized but they see I got drive and the second that I get a little buzz they’ll be coming with the breathalyzer/ oh you think you got it locked…but the key’s in my pocket knock if you wanna but you’ll never see inside it/not gonna leave enemies in the cockpit tryna fly blind when they really need a pilot.”

Alyssa’s passion for hip hop is evident in every line she spits. Her wordplay, metaphors, and quick flow sometimes force you to replay certain lines to digest it all. That’s what hip hop needs right now. Sure, we have artists like Kendrick and Cole at the forefront, but we need more artists that remind us real Hip-Hop lovers why we fell in love with Hip-Hop the first place, and Alyssa Marie has more than earned her spot on the roster.

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