Mannywellz Recalls Kendrick Lamar on Timely “Alright” Rendition

With the amount of protests, talks of impeachment, and even back to the killing sprees of 2016, the United States isn’t necessarily the place to be at the moment. Despite the turmoil raging across the country, Mannywellz sings a song of optimism, a rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” played over a guitar.

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As a lead single¬†off Kendrick’s 2015 Grammy Award winning album¬†To Pimp A Butterfly, “Alright” has become an anthem of hope, especially for the black community. Over a year later, the single is proving to be a timeless track by still garnering radio play and performances inspired by the leading words of TDE’s top dog.

Mannywellz is on the same page of “Alright” and its timelessness. During his performance at Sofar New York, the singer rejects the intense composition of the original beat and maintains synonymous energy as Kendrick Lamar on a mellower instrumental.

This rendition reveals two things about society today: one, Millennials really enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s music, and two, the United States is in the same situation it was two years ago. As a group, it seems like societal evolution is at a halt. Currently, media outlets are flooded with protests across the nation, especially since President Trump’s recent ban of Muslims into the United States.

Mannywellz "Alright" Rendition

There’s no doubt that majority of America does not feel ‘alright’ and is seemingly willing to go at any cost to change the effects of November 9, 2016. However, even as J. Cole said on his track “High for Hours”:

“Change is slow always has been, always will be/But fuck that I’ma bust back until they kill me”

Change is inevitable, but prosperous change is gained by slow and thoughtful preparation. In the mean time, let’s enjoy the optimism that music supplies throughout these times. For Mannywellz, this rendition to “Alright” is just a start to his revolution.

Mannywellz "Alright" Rendition

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