Alicia Keys Takes Part in Women’s March, Performs “Girl on Fire”

Millions of men and women marched in solidarity across the nation in the Women’s March on Saturday January 21, protesting to bring awareness of Women’s rights, safety, and health 24 hours after President Trump’s inauguration.

Story | Taylor Preza

Photo | Brian M.K. Allen

President Trump has been known for his negative slurs about women, which has led to recent protests like this across the nation.

One familiar face to the musical world was R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys. She had spoke on stage to thousands in D.C. encouraging everyone there to not give up the fight exclaiming, “This world is on fire! This girl is on fire,” and broke into singing “Girl on Fire.”

Following her act, she shouted to the sea of marchers, “You guys ready to march?! We are about to shut Washignton D.C. down!”

Other celebrities who showed their support on Saturday were Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Kristen Stewart, and Katy Perry.

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