Proof the Bay is Musically Experimental | ‘The Moon Lovers’ by AiRLOCKE

Though you’ll expect a slapper with a hard kick, thick bass, and clapping snare, there’s a producer from the Bay Area known as AiRLOCKE of Inner Haven Music who’s reaching for the moon on his 2018 project. Though it’s not a project you’d hear from iAMSU!, P-Lo, or Kuya Beats, The Moon Lovers is a collection of experimental instrumentals that takes you on an extraterrestrial journey. It’s good for nights you’ll want solitude.

Though I can’t image many artists rapping over The Moon Lovers beats, it’ll take a unique sound that can match AiRLOCKE‘s style. An artist who’s able to execute a flow on these instrumentals will create a perfect union between the two artists.

Listen to AiRLOCKE’s past projects on his Bandcamp.

(Photo Courtesy: Inner Haven Music)

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