AG Celebrates the Struggles of Coming Up in ‘Places’ Video


When we hear of success stories we often forget that at one point, these artists came up from their hometown and endured their own struggles to make it out on top. Riverside based rapper AG doesn’t want you to forget that in the video for his latest track ‘Places.’

The sweeping video directed by NOTFOR$ALE videographer Sterling Hampton takes viewers through Southern California, from AG’s home base Riverside to his future spelled out in the Hollywood hills.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Along with Inland Empire talent Indie Thot, Molly Quezada and Justin Jay, AG takes on his generation’s struggles, fears and the pursuit of fame with his signature lyricism, rapping over a haunting Lykke Li sample:

“Now we tryin to get rich/ ballin like the NBA/ couldn’t buy me out this bitch/ not for sale, no layaway/ look, the days pass/ the world got me shook/ got some cops killing kids/ tv paints them as crooks/ and I know our generation barely opens a book/ all we care about is Kim K’s looks”

The video’s use of imagery from abandoned gas stations, open fields and empty beaches suggest the potential AG finds in his surroundings. Just like these empty landscapes, AG has a clean slate in front of him and the opportunity for growth is endless. It’s a reminder that it doesn’t matter where we come from or where we’re currently at, as long as the passion is there you can make it.

‘Places’ is about finding your voice as a young artist. It’s about not losing yourself in the rush to become rich and famous, it’s about staying humble, dreaming big and keeping your roots close to your heart.

This year alone AG has started work on an I.E. mixtape with DJ Fredy Fresco, opened for Boston rapper Sammy Adams at The Observatory and is set to open at SWAT in Rosarito. Even with a successful year lined up, AG makes sure to give big ups to his crew at the end of “Places” with:

“So hold on/ I’ll make it all come true/ and all of those who show me love can all come too/ I couldn’t tell you where I’m going/ but these places I’ve been are just the start of the story/ so let the journey begin.”

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