The Transcendence of Adrian Marcel – (Watch) Exclusive Interview

You know when you meet someone and you just vibe. When you feel there are no judgements and pretensions, and you are on the same wave length. That is the best way to sum up our experience meeting Oakland native, R&B singer, Adrian Marcel.

Story | Briana Dorton

Before we even got to the official interview we were able to just chill and chat. Just some kids from the Bay, staying humble amidst the toxicity of the industry. No topic was off limits. We chopped it up about everything from the shortcomings of artists from past and present, mental health, God, and authenticity. Honestly couldn’t have asked for a more easy-going experience.

However, all those conversation pieces wasn’t even half of what we really got into. We found that Adrian puts his faith in his music as much as he does in God. From (what he calls) the opportunity to leave a record label, to creating his project that fully encapsulates his livelihood, to working with Raphael Sadiq (Executive Producer of G.M.F.U.) and Jane Hancock (his best friend who he proudly says writes his music), he’s found himself in a position to flourish in his own ultralight beam. Our exclusive interview below says it all:

Adrian took the radio by storm with his 2014 hit, ‘2 AM’ featuring Sage the Gemini. And successful mixtapes like 7 Days of Weak and Weak after Next. Now an independent artist, Adrian Marcel puts his heart and soul into newest project, G.M.F.U. (Got Me Fucked Up).

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to G.M.F.U., let me help create the proper atmosphere. Pour yourself some dark liquor, spark up, or seclude yourself for a while. You’ve got 16 tracks to get through. Adrian stays true to R&B roots with his soulful song “BLIND” where he pays homage to Ray Charles and strong vocals in “IMAGINATION.” Something to turn up to in “MOBBIN” and love songs like “STILLBAE” and “NOLIMIT.” Adrian’s humble personality is reflected in his music and you can hear the intention and love for his craft.

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