Adrian Gamboa Recalls Mariah Carey Classic on ‘You Part II’

On Valentine’s Day 2016, Adrian Gamboa – formerly known as AG – released his debut mixtape Castles in the Sky. This mixtape showcases a younger version of the rapping/producing phenom who was still developing his sound despite computer crashes forcing him to reproduce the entire project a handful of times. Its standout single ‘You’ is a story between him and his significant other at the time that recalls the couple’s late nights listening to Drake in the car. Now Adrian Gamboa is back on the sequel ‘You Part II’, recalling a classic single from an immortalized R&B/pop star.

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Opening with a smooth guitar solo over a gentle boom bap beat, Adrian’s first verse reveals that both parties in the relationship had done wrong and the proper solution was for both to move on. However, the chorus immediately brings in Dani Rae Vaughn who remixes ‘We Belong Together’ by Mariah Carey, confessing Adrian’s unsettled desire for his ex-significant other.

What I’ve always appreciated about Adrian’s music is its honesty. Although we’ve been exposed to artists like (the old) Drake who can instantly put you in your feels, Adrian is able to tell an honest story with his lyrics, remain catchy and current with the times, and captivate different fan bases by integrating classic hits.

“Let’s take it back to where it used to be, it was always you and me/Met you at that party that one New Year’s Eve, look at what you do to me/Now we’re going through the motions, really its all devotion/You got me writing, singing love songs like I’m Frank Ocean/Now all I want is you, drinking late and calling you/I know that you think of me so really I’m a part of you”

Generally hip hop is immensely caught up in flexing, money and such, and its artists forget there’s one aspect of life that unites all human beings: love. Whether its his method to attract a larger audience or simply he being as honest as he can in his music, Adrian Gamboa sets himself apart in hip hop as someone who’s able to embrace his feels and reciprocate it as a magnetic musical piece.

Swipe ▶️ Almost 2 years ago I released a love song titled “You” which was about my personal relationship and the story of how I met a girl I was happy with yet things didn’t turn out as expected. Like many people do, we went through many obstacles which led to us breaking up. After the break up I realized how much I missed the relationship and this girl that I had made so many memories with and so I decided to write out my thoughts into a song which is what I want to share with you today. This song is a continuation of “You” and is titled “You Pt. II” I want to give a huge shout out to @ogjgotem for laying down the guitar on this and @daniraevaughn for her vocals as well as @lihaulanilove I hope you take the time to listen and vibe to the song. You can stream the song on all platforms by clicking through the link in my bio. Let me know what you think. Thank you #youpart2

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In my past interview with Adrian Gamboa, he revealed that he’ll be releasing his mixtape If It All Falls Down Tomorrow in the near future.

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