Mariah Carey Classics Meet 2018 | “You Pt. II” by Adrian Gamboa

When Adrian Gamboa released his project Castles in the Sky in 2016, it spawned new fans with the standout track “You” – a record that recalled moments like long nights listening to Drake with his ex-girlfriend. It’s popularity pushed him to release “You Pt. II” in recent months, and a music video to the confessional track. As a rapper/producer who enjoys sampling classics (like he did with Final Edition’s “I Can Do It”), Adrian incorporates Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” in the chorus.

Accompanied with its music video, “You Pt. II” exemplifies what a relationship should look like: simple and clean. It’s obvious that both parties miss one another, and will only accept text messages as a form of communication. And if you really think about it, when you really want to talk to someone you’re into but don’t really know what to say, there’s this weird timeframe in which you won’t actually talk on the phone. Essentially, when have any of us not been in this situation?

Between sampling Mariah’s hit single and the simplicity of the storyline, nostalgia plays a huge part in Adrian’s push for this record. Surely you can remember a moment when “We Belong Together” was catalyst for your feels, and you likely played phone tag with the person you were pursuing. 2018 is a year that your feels still exist, and it’s Adrian who’s able to relate to you as a real person through a single song alone.

Adrian Gamboa will be opening up for Audio Push today at Hermosa Beach, CA. Grab your tickets here.

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