Adrian Gamboa Takes “God Speed” Pace With Life Decisions

The expression “your past will always come back to haunt you” is one that proves to be legitimately true, and any attempt to run away from it seems to bring it closer by the second. Nothing less can be said for the return of NOTFOR$ALE’s AG, who hastens his way back to the game when you thought he disappeared.

After two months since the release of his last single “Heating Up”, AG ignites his lyrical flame in “God Speed” — a story of the Riverside prodigy’s unescapable personal thoughts that have occurred during this down time.

“God Speed” is defined as good fortune, but AG integrates wordplay to recreate this fortune into a symbol of time. Each verse recognizes a section in AG’s life; the past, present, and near future, where he makes a number of references to his personal struggles — including a breakup with his ex-girlfriend, likely to be the woman spoken about on “You”, and the absence of a father figure in his life.

However, with unfortunate occurrences comes fortunate rewards, and the NOTFOR$ALE rapper sells us on the idea his struggles have pushed him to work twice as hard for his goals.

It’s ideal the castle chasing lyricist sampled Gabriel Garzon-Montano’s “Keep On Running” since it further symbolized this idea: rather than utilizing your effort into running away from personal complications, use it to run towards your aspirations.

In other words, “God Speed” changes from a tale of avoiding a problematic lifestyle, to utilizing these problems as an advantage to stay one step ahead in the game. Instead of hopping on the mainstream to replicate overused rap flows, topics, and beats, AG remains adamant on pursuing his career with his style — speaking stories from the heart that most can relate to.

Look out for more on what’s to come from AG. Godspeed.

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