When A Banger Meets Funk: “Do It” by Adrian Gamboa

When it comes to rapping, Adrian Gamboa proves he can do it over any sample.

The rapper/self-taught producer from Riverside samples the funkadelic record “I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)” by Final Edition, blessing us with an unprecedented side of his skillset. He’s successfully sampled records from Mariah Carey on “You Part II” or Gabriel Garzon-Montano on “God Speed” (to name a few), however they haven’t been as upbeat as “Do It”. This change of pace makes the anticipation for his upcoming project If It All Falls Down Tomorrow that much more exciting since he’s exhibiting a variety of ways he can produce and rap.

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Adrian was able to use the lyrics to the sample as his advantage. He utilizes the sample’s initial story of a man proving his worth to a woman, but his wordplay also flipped it into a record to prove to that girl he can rap in various ways that make his style undeniably profound:

“I can do it any way that you want it/From the front to back, hands in the air when it comes to rap/I put the city on my back/I can do it any way that you want it/Cus you’re close to me, this right here how it’s ‘pose to be/So let me take you home with me”

Prior to Adrian putting his twist on the 1979 record, the DJ duo Duck Sauce sampled it back in 2009 that created an electro/pop version entitled “aNYway”. This record peaked at number 1 in the UK Dance charts and UK Indie charts, respectively.

Though “Do It” tells a much more complex story than its predecessors, it still allows itself the possibility to become a banger for disco nights and hip hop clubs. It’s the prime example of when a banger meets funk.

“Do It” is a part of Adrian Gamboa’s plan to release a new single every two weeks, which leads to the release of his 2017 project If It All Falls Down Tomorrow.

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