A Journey to Simp City: “Say It To My Face” by Lex

The other day we spoke with Ladysetgo, a DJ based in Los Angeles who’s easily making a name across the city. What we found out was that she’s also a DJ to R&B singer Lex, who recently opened up for Dreamville’s Cozz at The Roxy. Though she’s not a hardcore element that capitalizes on Cozz’ style, she’s compliments him and artists alike with her soothing, ear-grabbing voice as exemplified on “Say It To My Face“.

This is Lex’s most recent single of 2018 that urges her inamorato to be real. It’s not the idea that they’re lying to her, but rather she wants all their positive emotions to embody her.

R&B I’ve come across is very spiteful, jealous, lustful and sexual. It’s rare to find honesty and and music that entices you to simp. I mean, we all have a simp residing somewhere inside, right? Check out “Say It To My Face” below:

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