“A Dollar A Day” | Rakeem Miles’ Motivational Hip Hop Piece

If you’re fed up with having only a single dollar in your pocket, an overdraft on your bank account, or ramen has been your daily diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can most likely relate to “A Dollar A Day” by Rakeem Miles.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Rakeem Miles Soundcloud

Creator of the Hip Hop collective Organic Geniuses, Maryland rapper Rakeem Miles elucidates his personal struggles, regarding family and his monetary scarcities, into “A Dollar A Day”. Opposing the usual dark moods most rappers utilize when speaking on being money hungry, the Organic Genius easily flips the script and creates an optimistic track that’s meant to motivate even the most despondent individuals without a dollar in their pocket.

However, according to his Soundcloud bio, this style wasn’t introduced through this song alone. The Maryland rapper has a muse to become a motivator in the game, the same muse solidified by his Hip Hop inspirations such as J. Dilla, Madlib and MF Doom.

“From his mother being a drug addict to foster care to moving through fourteen different schools he has developed a way to express himself in a positive manner. Rakeem’s message speaks more than just his troubled past, it also speaks for those that are all too familiar with the same unfortunate upbringing.”

There’s no question Rakeem looks at the game differently than most, but where exactly is his style going to take him? As a motivator in Hip Hop, his fans will undoubtedly look to his music for moral support.

When looking at what most contemporary Hip Hop artists promote — flashy valuables, sex, drugs — he’s wanting to relate to the average struggling person. He doesn’t take away from reality. Essentially, this cooks up a recipe for longevity and a fanbase that will support him since he supports them through his music.

And as a word of advice, if you’re having a bad day listen to Rakeem Miles.

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