6LACK Broke Hearts on the Day of Love by “Cutting Ties”

6LACK is notorious for being upfront about how he feels about people. In his latest and first release of 2018 “Cutting Ties“, he gets honest about his involvement with women, and people of that matter.

Story | Akila Clark

It’s refreshing to hear a man express his feelings about being confused in a “situationship.” The best part of this song is his acknowledgment of the effort that the woman has been putting into him and their situation.

Experiencing a man being vulnerable is a rare occurrence in real life (from personal experiences), let alone a song by a hip hop artist. Bravo to 6LACK! I give respect to those who can be honest with how they feel, even when it can be heartbreaking.

I was mesmerized by his smooth voice, as always. Even though he’s cutting ties, he was honest and genuine with it. So, no hard feelings 6LACK, I still love you.

(Photo Courtesy: 6LACK, Facebook)

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