Don’t Sleep on SpiffyUNO, He Grinds Until “3AM in South Central”

Fresh off his new EP SC Freestyles, SpiffyUNO drops the visuals to his track “3AM in South Central”. Representing South Central, Los Angeles, SpiffyUNO sets fire on this track with a rapid flow, contrasting visuals and 808 heavy production from producer/director NifftyUrCool.

Story | Adam Douglas

The opening bars to “3AM in South Central” are a warning not to sleep on the up and coming rapper:

“Ain’t no way you could tell me I’m not a threat/I’m a rookie well yea I guess, but I’m spittin’ just like a vet”

The video exhibits the street life of South Central LA by displaying liquor stores, graffiti tags and empty parking lots. Along with quick transitions to match the songs pace, there is also a heavy presence of red and blue. These colors resonate back and forth between shots, symbolizing the struggle of power between two of the city’s most prominent gangs: Crips and Bloods.

Immediately when listening to “3AM in South Central” you can tell SpiffyUNO knows how to construct a verse. The swift flow isn’t just some façade to mask lyrical ability, as the song is packed with metaphors that would surely go over your head if not truly listening:

“Nigga if I ain’t ate then imma pop 9’s,
If you don’t give me my spinach I’ll have to pop eyes,
Out of the socket don’t play with profit I’m knockin’ noggins,
Spill his noodles then make a pasta that’s Olive Garden”

In a city such as Los Angeles where rappers come a dime a dozen, the South Central prodigy shows he can separate himself from the rest by flexing his lyrical talent.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with SpiffyUNO. For now make check out his latest EP SC Freestyles as he’s sure to be up late to shake up the industry.

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