360 degree YouTube videos in SnoopaVision


April Fool’s Day pranks are simply inevitable, and with the viral movement on content around the Internet, it’s a must for major Internet corporations to come up with some of the best pranks in history.

Story: Nico Blitz // @nicoakablitz

Video & Images: YouTube

Introducing #SnoopaVision, a visionary YouTube technology that allows its users to watch videos alongside Long Beach rapper Snoop Dogg in 360 degrees.


The project was led by the 213 Dogfather himself.


Although this is an April Fool’s joke, the idea of watching videos with guest celebrities isn’t a bad one. Considering the multi-million number of views the video achieved in just a single day proves that, if this capability is further introduced in the future, YouTube will have once again found ways to maintain their relevance and technology that keeps them one step ahead of the game.

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