Young Giantz ‘Fly High’ in New Visual, Revives West Coast Hip Hop


“It’s all about the culture. You wanna be a part of this, you gotta know the art of this.” The opening lines from Bigg Joe West perfectly depict both his name and the message from his standout single with Deuce Mac. Together, the two form Young Giantz – a duo who undoubtedly pays homage to west coast culture, exemplified in their track “Fly High”.

Story | Nico Blitz

The collective from Los Angeles is talking about one thing on “Fly High”: their Chevy Impalas. In their music video, you’ll find the Young Giantz showcasing their crispy and clean old school Chevy’s and their hydraulics.

Although rapping about cars is a simple subject, the track becomes more than a ‘car song’ behind the production of Dae One. With 90s-like synthesizers and a give-and-go lyrical strategy, Young Giantz portrays the culture of west coast hip-hop.

We have artists from the west who have entered the ratchet era, which isn’t a problem, but in the midst of it all Los Angeles lost its sound. The closest track I can think of that is even close to an old school west coast track is “Twist My Fingaz” by YG, however, it doesn’t depict the Angeleno lifestyle.

The 90s taught us that west coast hip-hop portrays the gangsta life, but beyond that comes a hot day filled with old school whips and being laid back. We aren’t getting much of that in contemporary hip-hop, but the emergence of the Young Giantz may mark the revival of the sound the west coast legends pioneered for us.

But this comes to no surprise from the duo. They’re obviously plugged with legendary west coast pioneers in Dae One and DJ Battlecat to name a few. Plus they got a dancing cameo from west coast pop lock legend OG Kool Boy.

Stay tuned for more on the Young Giantz and any upcoming rap records. But remember, they’re not just rapping about this; it’s their life.

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