Yeek Exemplifies His Amusing Lifestyle in “I’m Not Ready” Visual

The twenties are possibly the most experimental times in anyone’s life. It’s the time to find and develop yourself and garner unforgettable memories that last throughout your lifetime. Yeek is no stranger to these moments, as he solidifies his stance on young love with his new visual to “I’m Not Ready”.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Twitter: Yeek

The songwriter premiered this track at the Echoplex during Emo Night, which is bookended by his stance of not being ready for love. To simply put it, he’s not ready for love.

Directed by Christian Long, the visual breaks boundaries of most contemporary music videos and brings us back to an old school MTV. This compliments Yeek’s personality, as he himself is a boundary-breaking musician. It’s rare to find a music video that contains old school film filters, mixed with high quality footage of his recent concerts. It feels like Yeek’s went on tour and he’s looking to catch us up with his life.

And that’s the point of the video. From his performance at Emo Night to present day, Yeek has created memories that go beyond the scope of this music video. It looks like the songwriter is having a blast with his life, and we’re only getting a glimpse of what he’s been through.

On another note, it looks like Yeek is back in Los Angeles. We’re expecting to get more Instagram live videos of him in the lab, and possibly more visuals to his unreleased tracks. Stay tuned for more from Yeek at The Lunch Table.

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