Yeek Captivates a Broken Heart on Sophomore Album Sebastian

Following the emotional turmoil from his past project Love Slacker, Sebastian captivates the authenticity of having a broken heart. The album’s title stems from Yeek‘s birth name and showcases the truthfulness of phony relationships, friendships, mother earth, and the struggle of everyday survival in the music industry.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Reversed drum beats, awkward breaks and mumbled whispers from Yeek’s inner thoughts describe the disconnection in his love life. The storyline follows the young musician living in Southern California, suffering from depression and trying to move on from the “fake love” he’s been receiving.

His records’ aesthetic is reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock and relates to the feeling of pursuing an ex-lover. It feels like an adaption of modern day R&B. For instance, on ‘Shake’ he’s shaking his emotions away while making music on his guitar.

“I’m not like my guitar, no strings attached/ What did you do me, nevermind don’t start/ What did you do to me/ You broke my (nevermind)”

However, he is constantly reminded of memories of “her” because like his guitar, he feels played out, used for the sake of entertainment. We’re then taken to ‘Only in the West’ where he sings Southern California blues — thoughts on paying bills, food and water, transportation, and just flat out living in one of the hardest cities to become successful.

“Sitting alone in my room, thinkin’ about what ima do/ Music don’t pay the bills, music don’t pay for food/ Homies sell hella drugs, only because they have to & that sucks/ They got cars & I ride the bus/ Unless I’m on a board, wheels, & trucks”

Other lyrics indicate that, through his journey, he’s witnessed cocaine, molly, marijuana, shrooms and alcohol consumption amongst the everyday people. This lifestyle he’s surrounded by breaks his heart and is compensated through minor sexual actions like “grabbing her ass.”

Another standout record is “The Left” featuring Duckwrth, where he pours his heart on platonic friendships in his California home.

“I got a text for a Malibu party in the hills/ We went to four years ago in Florida, it was real/ Why do I feel like an actor in a movie?/ Partying with bloggers and foodies/ Fashion-decent rappers with Gucci and no chill”

He ends Sebastian with the tracks ‘Old Car’ and ‘Cosmic Freeway’ and is the continuation of Love Slackers’ narrative of ‘Come Back.’ The last thing we hear on the album is a poem spoken by Max from homestead:

“I waved at the universe today and she smiled back
The rays of her sun reflect on puddles that caught my attention
She kissed my skin on a june afternoon after trees shaded the reflected bronze,
That’s how she paints
Her tune seems unfamiliar to most
But the twigs do swade to her breeze and the water ripples to her songs,
And that’s how she sings
Sometimes she’s sad
Her blue skin deludes to dullness and she weeps
She cant control her actions
Bringing life to death in a blink eye
She gets hurt by you and I
Which makes her tense
The reflections of her ocean arent sure enough to remind her of her beauty
And how autumn peaks its head her nervousness grows strong
Style and wither her limbs become
Pale and fridget grows
Her wind is strong enough to tear heart
And that’s how she dances
but she’s still a Sliver of perfection”

It’s the perfect ending to Sebastian. While definitely speaking on his personal experiences of heartbreak through phony relationships and fake friends, he finishes by exemplifying his love for mother nature and how we generally mistreat our world. Even that goes to show that we won’t be able to truly respect and love mankind if we can’t do the same for the singular planet we all share as home.

If you’re a heartbreaker, the heartbroken, a lover, a friend, a person trying to make a living, or simply a person who enjoys diving into their deepest secrets, Sebastian is a must-hear project. Sebastian is available to purchase on Yeek’s Bandcamp here.

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