Wyclef Jean Mistakenly Detained by LA County Sheriff

Wyclef Jean has been detained by LA County Sheriff West Hollywood deputies early this morning.

Story | Taylor Preza

Image | via Joel Sunier

According to officials, at 1 a.m. a robbery was reported at a Sunset Boulevard gas station. Witnesses described one of the two suspects as wearing a red bandana, where Jean was mistakenly pulled over and accused as one of the suspects due to wearing what looked like a red bandana on his head and a matching description of the suspect’s vehicle.

Wyclef was released when deputies realized he was not one of the suspects.

At around 1:45 a.m. deputies arrested the actual suspects.

The reported robbery did not actually happen. It turns out the victims were pistol whipped in front of the gas station by the suspects.

Wyclef Jean expressed his frustration on Twitter.

“I was asked by the police to put my hands up. Then I was told do not move. I was instantly handcuffed before being asked to identify myself,” Jean tweeted. “Nor was I told why I was being cuffed. In the process I said my name and told them they have the wrong person. They proceeded to ignore me and I was treated like a criminal until other police showed up and pointed out they had the wrong person.”


T-baby, who was recording with him in the studio prior to Jean being detained tweeted, “In a country where being black is crime enough to have you locked in handcuffs. #smh”

According to Wyclef Jean’s spokesperson, Jean is requesting a formal investigation into racial profiling by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and the LA Sheriff’s Department while calling upon Black Lives Matter to join him in defense of civil liberties and racial bias.

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