Who Wanna Be Saved?


Samples are what make rap music invigorating and enjoyable, while also having the undeniable power of bringing you back to their humble origins from a musician you probably never have heard before. 

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

Image: Taylor Gang, Atlantic

Recently, we’ve heard the term ‘saved’ in several songs, where the message is simply a matter of deciding whether or not to financially save a gold digger.

Although the word ‘saved’ is not trademarked by anyone in the world, you can’t help but pay homage to the originators who came up with the phrase ‘Captain, save a hoe.’

Let’s take it back to the Bay Area in 1996, where E-40 and The Click came up with the term.

Captain Save A Hoe – The Click (1996)

Credit: www.youtube.com/E40VEVO

Now we’ll head down South and see Project Pat’s take on the term.

Don’t Save Her – Project Pat (2001)

Credit: www.youtube.com/BaCkTHaFuqqBaCk

Though Project Pat’s version didn’t necessarily become as big, J. Cole revives his song with a Dreamville edge to it.

No Role Modelz – J. Cole (2014)

Credit: www.youtube.com/TreeStinLim


And hey, why stop there? Ty Dolla Sign pays total homage to The Click by featuring the Ambassador of the Bay himself.

Saved – Ty Dolla Sign featuring E-40 (2015)

Credit: www.youtube.com/tydollasign



Should you save her?

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