Where’s the J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Collab Album?

When someone brings up the rumored J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar collaboration album:

It's Been 84 Years Meme

Off and on since 2010, hip hop fans have been hearing about a project between the socially conscious rappers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. When a video surfaced of Kendrick sharing a new record with Cole – to what fans titled as “Temptation” – the internet immediately freaked out, and still to this day, fans deem their collaborative album as the 2010’s Detox.

However the album, as most recently as August, was brought up again by Top Dawg Entertainment’s co-president tweeting that the album may or may not ever come. But the more I began thinking about the project though (and the artistry of both rappers) I’m more curious if the project tracks instead made their way onto each other’s albums, like DAMN. or Born Sinner.

Additionally, both Cole and Lamar have been interviewed about the album and have jokingly rapped about it. On “Black Friday (Alright Remix)” Cole raps in 2015, “When you and K. Dot’s shit drop?’ B-tch never / They can’t handle two black niggas this clever,” to add more fuel to the frustrations we’ve been feeling as fans.

With other producers and artists partially confirming the top-secret album like Ab-Soul back in 2016 on the Breakfast Club, it’s curious as to if we will ever have an official collaboration album released to support the leaks that have happened such as the track “Shock the World.

Recently that curiosity got an ounce of temporary gratification. (Young) Jeezy’s 2017 opus Pressure got hip hop enthusiasts in shock once the tracklist was revealed. Track 12 – titled “American Dream” – features verses from both J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and would be a stupendous introduction to a possible 2018 collaborative album considering both rappers are pushing on greater roads of politically-driven content.

Although it’s invigorating to know that we may never get a true album between the artists, we have received tracks featuring the opposite rapper, and should celebrate the work they have put out (officially). J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar equally release music that compliment the conscious rap style, and “shake up the world” if you listen hard enough.

Should we just give up on this project? Let me know what you think on Twitter, @sara_loretta.

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