Token’s New Single “Little Boy” is a Pre-Party for his U.S. Tour

Token’s first headlining tour began this week and he’s already sold out his first two shows. For any up and coming artist, this is the dream, but for the 19 year old Boston rapper, this is probably more important than his senior year of high school.

Story | Sara Loretta

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To get his fans ready for the 15-stop U.S. tour, Token released a single entitled “Little Boy”, which definitely does not have a corny hook nor will it be turned into a pop record like he’s mocked in previous tracks. The beat of this track though is enough to get you to buy a ticket to his show in your town; and get you moshing with fellow fans.

Token is known for his impressive lyricism and impeccable articulation during his fire rhymes (see his 100 bars freestyle on Sway in the Morning), with or without instrumentals backing him up. And contrary to his past work, “Little Boy” is a playful track that isn’t as dark as “Exception” or “New Problems” – which has inspired teens around the U.S. to stand up to bullying and stay true to themselves if deciding to join the industry.

“Little Boy” is the perfect song to perform live because of its moshing-inspired hooks and easy-to-follow lyrics for even the newest fan or parent in the crowd. This track proves that Token understands how to present his artistry to a crowd (whether you’re seeing him live or just watching him on Youtube), as he has begun incorporating his personal style into popular beats for all hip hop audiences.

This is a great continuation for the young artist, and who knows, this tour could be the breaking point for Token, in which case I really hope it is. The Eminem-influenced young rapper deserves everything that comes his way, even if that is taking the title of best white rapper from the Detroit king.

See if Token is coming to a city near you on his website:

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