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I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw this freestyle video, which got retweeted to the point of forcefully grabbing my attention. Usually these freestyles are based off of random clout or some distracting action occurring in the background, but this one exceeded my expectations. This guy Symba was rapping in his car to Jadakiss’ 2004 hit single “Why”. His question-filled verse exuded comical social awareness and relatability to contemporary America. In other words, he made sense of today’s culture in a minute’s worth of time.

That’s where he and I started off our first conversation. Though he had been rapping since his days in high school, that freestyle unarguably catapulted his name amongst up-and-coming emcees. He solidified himself as a Bay Area-born artist with unprecedented lyricism emanating from his home, considering mainstream America only knows the Northern California region for G-Eazy, Kehlani and Hyphy.

But he owes that freestyle’s success to the power of the internet. Apparently he was outside of his house, his homie gassed him up to spit a freestyle over the beat, and he examined the world’s problems before writing his verse. And that’s it.

Through our conversation I came to realize his intellect and his ability to be insusceptible to handouts despite growing in a more fortunate situation than most. He thanks his mother for setting him straight and at one point firing him for doing nothing.

Symba believes he is meant for the crown, but is aware that its something everyone wants and will be difficult to acquire. His strategy to quickly surpass his peers is this: make songs for women. With that knowledge shared to him from Bay Area legend Clyde Carson, Symba’s focal point for his Came From Nothing EP is one woman who’s impacted his life for the better.

Learn more about Symba from our conversation above.

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