Syd Provides Special Gift for Fans at First Solo Show

Syd, lead singer of R&B Alternative band, The Internet, released her project Fin back in February and hit the stage as a solo act for the very first time on July 6th at Resident DTLA in Los Angeles. Of course The Lunch Table was there to witness the historic event!

Story | Briana Dorton

On the day prior to the show, Syd announced via social media that she would be having her first solo performance telling fans, “Arrive early, space is limited.” She rightfully chose her hometown of LA to host her debut performance. There is nothing like that hometown love, and LA residents and nomads came out in full force to support. The show was scheduled to start at 9:00 PM, but her fans showed up hours prior, eager to hear the songstress. About 1,000 people showed up at the very intimate venue, comparable to the size of a large classroom.

Syd - The Lunch Table

It’s safe to say that Syd did not expect such a large turnout for her first show, and if she ever had any doubts prior to this day about the scale of supporters, this showed and proved that she has a very strong and dedicated fanbase that will go through leaps and bounds to experience the singer first hand in all her glory. And with the huge, unexpected turnout, Syd did her best to not disappoint and turn fans away, and made a last minute decision to have not one, but two shows for the night! A purely genuine gesture from Syd, that reciprocates the support and adoration she has for her fans, just as they do for her.

“Take care of the family that you came with.”

We arrived at 6:40 PM and expected to watch show #1. Amidst the chaos and shuffle, we ended up getting shifted to the second batch for show #2. Many people would have felt defeated and left, but we, and the rest of her loyal fans knew that Syd would be well worth the wait. So was it actually worth it? Was this all worth waiting for after JUST driving down from the Bay for 5 hours, only to wait at the venue for another 6 hours? ABSOLUTELY! We were not about to miss history in the making. So there we were in front, touching the stage, in a sea of people full of amazement.

“We made it this far and it’s amazing.”

Syd serenaded the crowd with the entire Fin album, the hit song from The Internet, ‘Girl,’ and even surprised with a couple of covers. As if the night couldn’t get any better, bandmate and producing genius, Steve Lacy, graced the stage, and long-time Odd Future buddy and collaborator, Tyler the Creator, hopped [literally, but what else would you expect] on stage and got the crowd hyped to his new single ‘911’ featuring Frank Ocean.

“People drowning all around me.
So I keep my squad around me.”

Her family and friends were rocking with her in the crowd. Brother, Taco, provided the beats on stage. The Internet band mates were present, as fans themselves, singing along to her songs, along with us fans of course. You could feel her gratitude and energy emanate from the stage. She has so much love but has remained humble.

“Keep it in the family that you came with.
Keep enemies close you know the basics.”

Syd - The Lunch Table

If this is not evidence enough that R&B is not dead, I don’t know what is. People still crave soft melodies and rhythmic beats. Syd is only going to grow from here and we are forever grateful to have experienced the start.

“ People crowded all around me.
So I guess it’s all about me.”
–All About Me , Fin 2017

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