Summers In New York | Rapper Fortysvn Reminisces on Big City Memories

After only ever releasing singles in the past, artist Fortysvn released his freshman album. Summers In New York debuted on SoundCloud and features six full-length tracks. The album, according to his website, was “entirely self-produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by fortysvn.”

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Summers In New York was released just three months after Fortysvn released his first known created song. When producing this album, Fortysvn dug into his roots. According to the album description on SoundCloud, Fortysvn uses his return home to New York as an opportunity to “reminisce on new and old memories”.

The first song on the album, “647 MacElroy”, starts us off on this reminiscent trend by first reflecting on dreams he had as a youngster.

All I ever wanted was a dollar and a dream
Studying the game, making million dollar schemes
I’m not in it for the fame, took my friends and made a team
Living life with a purpose but I wonder what it means
Million dollars for a place on the beach

However, his dreams of the past slowly dissipate into what he does have today – his family. One can also theorize that the name of the song originates from his family’s home or a home he spent his childhood years in.

My nephews in the world, I love to make em smile
I pray to God that I live just to watch em for a while
I’m happy that I’m home, reconnecting with my family

The song slows down a bit in track #5, “Heaver Is Higher.” Featuring Caroline Santoro, the track is a slow jam without the “slow jam” if you catch my drift. Fortysvn delivers his innermost thoughts and feelings to a relaxed but deliberate beat that’s sure to stir up some feels.

I get down on myself so easily
I get down on my knees and I pray to be
The type of man that I know I need to be
Need to set myself free from the hell that I deceive
Life is cold, I shoulda grabbed a coat
Now I’m sitting here sick like what the fuck is this
Lost in a world where money is the goal
I’ve been killing myself, I’ve been giving my soul
To those who don’t know the emotions I feel

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After the downer that is “Heaven Is Higher”, the album picks back up just in time to be over. “Miracles” lays out a scene of drinks by the sea with friends and loved ones and speaks of hope for a miracle, hence the title “Miracles.”

All I got is my hope
Hope to God I don’t choke
I’m a student of life, I’m always taking some notes
I’m here to give you advice
That’s why I talk through the raps
Some say I saved their life
I said I’m just being Zack

Summers In New York is available on SoundCloud. You can also download the album for free via Bandcamp.

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