Essentials for Endless Vibes: Listen to “Feelin’ Good” by Sulpacio Jones

A chocolate sundae on a beautiful summer afternoon, sun rays are beaming through, and your fun days are overdue. Can you think of a better moment that feels that good? This situation came into lyrical existence from Los Angeles-based artist Sulpacio Jones on her record “Feelin’ Good“.

As an R&B/Soul singer, Jones depicts the perfect summer day in the City of Angels, explaining that it’s the simple times with oneself and loved ones that make working in the music industry worth the hardships and turmoil.

While the genre is oversaturated with upbeat instrumentals and sex icons, Jones’ brings simplicity back to the table. “Feelin’ Good” is that nostalgia-inducing record that reminds you of the life essentials we naturally forget: inhaling a fresh breath of air, enjoying your favorite snack, or for Millennials, the first time you Netflix-and-chilled.

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Catch more of Sulpacio Jones on her 2017 project Funky Love. Available on Soundcloud.

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