Steve Lacy Produces for Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole off his iPhone

With technology constantly advancing, so does its influence on music. For example, the new iRig SOS allows users to connect guitars directly iPhones. It’s making an influence on big name artists and has recently made an impact on Kendrick Lamar’s newly released LP DAMN from the production of Steve Lacy.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

18-year-old Steve Lacy of The Internet produced ‘Pride’ for Kendrick Lamar by using the Garageband app on his iPhone. Last year, he was nominated for a GRAMMY as the executive producer for funk-R&B-soul album Ego Death. Recently, he dropped his first solo project Steve Lacy’s Demo, produced for J. Cole, Goldlink and now Kendrick Lamar through his iPhone.

Lacy’s having a breakout year in 2017 thanks to his undying creativity and to his personal smartphone studio. He used his phone since his beginnings and is now able to access any equipment he wants. However, he’s working to prove the point that, major tools don’t really matter.

Steve Lacy describes his experience working with Kendrick on an interview with Wired: “The song I did for him [Lamar] came from this acoustic session that was recorded on my iPhone,” Lacy says. “I showed Anna Wise how to record her vocals and she recorded this whole idea over these acoustic guitar chords I came up with, a small little drum loop that I made and then I took her vocal stems and made a beat over it. This was the track where he [Lamar] was like ‘Yo, put your number in my phone I need this.’ I went there a couple more times to work on some stuff and this song he was just sure about. He loved this one.”

At the end of the day, there’s no excuses. Lacy’s story may inspire upcoming artist with little to no funds for studio equipment. Lacy produced an entire song for Kendrick Lamar through the cracks of his phone screen. Just as technology continues to advance, we may see a greater reliance on on-the-go home studios.

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