SPITSET | The Nostalgic West Coast Collaboration

West Coast Hip Hop is primarily known for it’s origins in G-Funk, with a laid back gangsta rap style. However, we’ve seen less G-Funk throughout the years and an over-saturation in washed up gangsta rap. In other words, it’s a journey to find noteworthy West Coast Hip Hop, though SPITSET has you covered.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | SPITSET Soundcloud

SPITSET was a 21+ block party on March 27, 2015, hosted by Los Angeles-based rap artist Alexander Spit. The Hundreds sponsored this block party, which featured a DJ set from Brice Waller and a performance from Venice native group Warm Brew.

As an ode to SPITSET’s legacy, Alexander Spit pairs with Warm Brew on the track “Continya”, while showcasing up-and-coming West Coast artists Jay Worthy of LNDN DRGS and Chidi Himself on the collaborative SPITSET Release No. 1.

With three tracks alone, we’re brought back to a nostalgic West Coast Hip Hop scene that integrates its roots of a G-Funk with a laid back gangsta rap style.

Alexander Spit and Warm Brew provided narcotics for the ear; an uplifting track meant to entice replaying it continuously. Jay Worthy reminded us the West Coast still knows how to party without touching bases with today’s popular trap style. And Chidi Himself, in an attempt to break through his one year drought since his last demo, set the bar for himself to rekindle a smooth, imperturbable sound to take a break from the funk.

However, the message sent out by this SPITSET collaboration is this: expect these up-and-coming West Coast rap artists to make some noise in the nearby future. Warm Brew recently signed to Red Bull Records, which may be the connection the SPITSET artists need to break through the industry.

Keep your eyes out for more on all these West Coast artists.

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