Thanking Soulection for 6 Years of Hip-Hop and R&B at Anniversary Show

The musical empire we know now as Soulection started with Joe Kay’s simple project on Soundcloud, Soulection Radio. In the past six years, it has gone on to become a household name among hip-hop heads and dance communities worldwide.

To celebrate over half a decade of delivering good vibes, iconic shows and a whole new genre, Soulection is having a six-year anniversary show at The Novo on January 28. Tickets are still up on their site here.

Story | Zara Hurtado

I remember my first Soulection experience; my best friend had me all hyped to finally see this Soulection thing she’d been talking about. Up until then I had never experienced anything like Soulection. My experience with dance music had almost exclusively been limited to EDM. To me, hip-hop and R&B lived in a completely separate realm. But the second I heard the sample of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” in Sango’s “Baile Somebody,” I was done.

It’s these kinds of experiences that make Soulection so memorable. The beauty of Soulection is that it’s more than a show. It’s a dance community, a global movement of looking forward and loving your neighbors worldwide. It’s artists like Esta, Sosupersam and Sango who bring us together into this one family through their mixes of hip-hop and R&B, new and old. While we’re all part of the Soulection fam we’re good. We’re better than good, we’re thriving. We’re vibing off of each other and going forward to the sound of tomorrow.

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