Ric Wilson makes the “Soul Bounce” in Black Beautifying Single

Chicago based artist Ric Wilson released a music video for his song “Soul Bounce” which comes off of his Soul Bounce EP project.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

The video starts off by showing a close up of Ric Wilson’s face and hand to show his dark skin as he sings: “black and powerful, yes I am.”

“Soul Bounce” starts off pretty mellow as viewers become exposed to Wilson’s silly nature. The beat then picks up and Wilson begins to bounce around with his enthusiastic character as he sings along.

“I hope you hear me before you judge me/Hope you know me before you judge me and see my beauties before my uglies”

He brings a warm and welcoming demeanor through the video that get’s you to trust him and become drawn to his bright character. You’re immediately drawn to the beauties he possesses.

He then goes into an important message:

“Never ever worry about what you can do. Never ever doubt what you can do. Just let your soul bounce”

All of us have had times in our lives where we felt we were incapable in doing the one thing we were passionate about. We’ve had our share of doubts, but Wilson encourages us to get through that and let our souls bounce. In our society and throughout history, being black was and is a struggle for many. Wilson embraces this as power and uses it to let himself bounce higher and higher as he flourished towards success.

With the geometric and colorful figures flashing across the screen through the whole video you could really feel the energy of Wilson and it makes you want to dance and let your soul bounce as well.

Check out the rest of Ric Wilson’s Soul Bounce EP to hear more of his upbeat nature.

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