“So Much To Say” About Beat Maker Austin Green

In a time when boom bap beats are rare to come by in the industry, there’s a batch of instrumentalists who continue the foundation of beat making set by the forefathers of Hip Hop. There’s so much to say about this topic alone, but let’s cut to the chase.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Austin Green Instagram

Coming off of his four month old project BOOM BAPS, Visalia, California producer Austin Green is back with a soulful instrumental that features samples from “Thank You For The Many Things You’ve Done” by Betty Wright. Layered with personal hi hats, snares, and kick drums, Austin Green lays down an instant early 2000s R&B feel accompanied by a high pitched Betty Wright on “so much to say”.

However, this wasn’t the only sample Austin Green has put out since his recent mixtape. Another glimpse of his creativity with sampling lyrics comes from his 2 month old beat “darlin'” that samples Michael Buble’s “‘Til Then”.

So what’s this all mean? If you heard his BOOM BAPS, you’ll notice the California beat maker seems to be slowing down his sound. “darlin'” and “so much to say” follow his short time track theme, but have a sound more fitting for a rhythm and blues artist, not to say a soulful emcee wouldn’t be able to spit bars on them, however.

Again, this is a glimpse of what the OG instrumentalist can offer, and we know he’s cooking in the lab every single day.

Be on the lookout for more on Austin Green.

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