Traffic Comes “Slidin” Through With ScHoolboy Q & T.F. on Latest Single

In Hip Hop there are key elements that make one considered a great artist: delivery, flow, and creativity just to name a few. But one important trait that’s often overlooked by many is being genuine, which Traffic points out in his latest single “Slidin”.

Story | Adam Douglas

“No you don’t be slidin’/My nigga you lying you know you ain’t riding”

Honesty adds a level of credibility and “realness” to an artist’s words. Hailing from the streets of Los Angeles, Traffic is no stranger to the street life and isn’t shy to express it in his music.

Accompanied by previous collaborators ScHoolboy Q and T.F., “Slidin” continues to keep that signature west coast sound alive through the production’s smooth bass line grooves and lyrics depicting the LA lifestyle:

“Momma kicked me out the house man that shit got real,
Now I’m living at my grammy house that shit got real,
Gotta keep a 9 piece man that shit got real,
You could die on my street man that shit got real”

Traffic made his mainstream debut earlier this year on “Tookie Knows II”, the closing track on ScHoolboy’s sophomore album Blank Face LP. As a childhood friend of ScHoolboy’s it’s only proper that Traffic was also given a supporting role in the album’s video series.

Only months after his major debut, Traffic appears ready to slide into his own lane with this release.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with Traffic, as he’ll be ready to take over the streets of Los Angeles like traffic does.

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