Delayed Gratification | Deconstructing Siobhan Heard’s Message on Contemporary Music

First impressions are necessary when it comes to new artists promoting music that proves their difference within a world filled with people looking for short-term satisfaction. In this case, Siobhan Heard does not need a second chance to make a first impression.

Story | Nico Blitz

“Delayed Gratification” off of Siobhan Heard’s debut album Love in All Aspects is the perfect inception song that explains contemporary music and its effects on society. The phrase is defined as the ability to resist temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward.

Think of it this way. The images that you saw: ice cream, wine, and other foods are all tangibles that give us a sense of gratification when consumed. For example, wine doesn’t go into full effect until you’ve had a couple sips, or your hunger isn’t satisfied until after the meal is finished.

Taking this idea, Siobhan identifies problems of complicated lyricism, traffic within instrumentals, and ultimately a yearning for immediate satisfaction in contemporary music. We’ve gotten to a point where similes and metaphors have ruled lyricism, and the idea of getting straight to the point becomes nearly nonexistent.

Siobhan counters contemporary music by simplifying “Delayed Gratification” with easy-to-follow words paired with a metaphorical visual, a consistent sounding instrumental, and a repetitious flow so the message gets engraved in our heads.

The irony is that the message is so easy to follow, but you won’t be able to grasp it right away. And if/when the message is comprehended you still won’t give her the satisfaction of commending her on an outstanding piece of music.

Siobhan Heard is a new artist, and new artists have difficulty gaining mainstream attention because of the lack of support the public gives them. She’s saying you won’t be fully interested in her music until she makes it big, which is delayed gratification within itself.

Overall this is what you get: a messenger who says you won’t comprehend the simplicity of the message immediately, and when that message is clear there will still be a part of you that won’t give her the recognition it deserves.

My message: give artists the credit they deserve and support your local artists. At the end of the day, learn to appreciate good music for what it is, not how it compares to the rest of the world.

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