Shadows of Society Promote Black Empowerment in ‘Unapologetically Black’

LA based collective Shadows of Society presents the visual to their lead single ‘Unapologetically Black’ from the collectives album God is Black, I Am Too.

Directed by MALONDOTCOM, ‘Unapologetically Black’ delivers a message that’s proper given the current socio-political climate: making allusions to black history like James Baldwin and Martin Luther King to more recent events such as the Philando Castle shooting and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Story | Adam Douglas

With production from Chris Justice and DJ Chuck, each member of the group delivers a verse over a soul sample that contributes to the song’s overall message of black empowerment. Although a collective, as artists they still retain their individuality and own perception of what it means to be unapologetically black:

“Unapologetically black, same color fist in the air/ Fro nappy coconuts in my hair/ Elders always told me cut, I’m like I ain’t with it I’m here/ Fear no one man but this group you should fear”

In between verses the narrative of a young black man echoes through the speakers, spreading positive messages, urging those of color to stand up against systematic injustices and protect the endangered black female:

“We’ve been saying ‘fuck the police’ since the moment we became free. But I don’t expect everyone to get it when those same black, men, women and children still lynched. The most endangered species is the black woman. Black men we need to empower them.”

While many upcoming acts tend to blend in with societal trends, it’s refreshing to hear such socially aware music coming from young talent. You can keep up with Shadows of Society on SoundCloud.

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