SCM LP Fall 2016 by Stro Elliot | A Short Album that Packs a Punch

When you think of instrumental music, a few different things may come to your mind: Mozart, orchestras, violin solos, and things of that nature. Recently, however, members of other genres of music, including hip hop, have been experimenting with his old but cherished sensation.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Stro Elliot, an up and coming artist based out of Los Angeles, released a short mostly-instrumental album on July 9th of this year. The album, SCM LP Fall 2016 is hosted on the page of STREETCORNERMUSIC as well as Stro Elliot’s personal page.

The short but productional sound album starts with “A 01 The Summer Love Song”. Incidentally, this is one of the two songs on the album that has words, which samples from Mos Def’s “Wildcat”. Not many, but there are a few and they’re mostly repeated over and over again almost like a mantra.

Everybody groove to the music
And do what you like to, oh yeah

The second song on the album, “Gohan Attack”, which samples from the famous battle between Cell and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, gives off quite a bit more intensity than the first and third songs on the album. With an escalating spoken word intro and pounding bass, “Gohan Attack” amps up listeners with its beat alone – no lyrics necessary. The intro, which seems to be a conversation between a villain (Cell) and captors (Goku, Gohan and Piccolo), sets a tone for the song as a whole right off the bat.

Goku: Don’t hold anything back, got it?
Gohan: Yeah but I…
Cell: Yes, I can feel you slipping!
Piccolo: Gohan

The album rounds out with a mellow instrumental beat in the third and final song, “B 02 Soul II Stro”. This song, which has attracted a fraction of listens on SoundCloud, combines a low bass and high-pitched vocals. A woman sings unidentifiable words and syllables throughout the whole track giving it a bit of a trippy vibe.

Stro Elliot has been producing music for more than six years with his first single dropped in May 2016. However, his first full-length album, The Procussions, didn’t drop until nearly three years later in February of 2013. Stro Elliot has produced two other albums, one featuring just three tracks like this LP and one longer one like The Procussions.

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