Listen to R&B/Electronic Influenced Rapper Salum from Scotland

Hip-Hop in the United Kingdom is interesting considering their different influences from American based artists. The U.K.’s use of multiculturalism in hip-hop while simultaneously sharing the platform with grime, garage and their birthed sound of trip hop, is the separation between the United States. Bringing that vibe from Scotland comes Salum, who spits a heartfelt story over a beat that mashes R&B and electro on his “Goku Freestyle.”

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Flowing over Kaytranada-like instrumentals with easy sounding references like “moving white like chess pieces” and “want to be your lover like prince,” he uses his lyricism as a paintbrush. You’ll find similar tracks on his self-produced 93 EP where he samples the Legend of Zelda “Ocarina of Time” on his track “(Her) Interlude.”

Salum definitely someone to check out from the UK scene.

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