Saika talks Being an Independent Artist, Favorite Fairy Tales, New Album

Social media is the number one thing we millennials mutually care about. It’s our source of information, the catalyst that keeps us updated with friends we don’t even talk to, the gimmick that let’s us share our highlights without our followers knowing the story that assembled that particular moment. For example, couples present the good times, and only the good times in their relationship, forming this unrealistic impression of an idealistic couple. Saika takes this idea and puts it into her project Throne Royale: The Succession.

Story | Nico Blitz

Throne Royale: The Succession is the 21-year-old singer’s deductive reasoning on love; that love being from others, a lover, and herself. Everything the public knows about Saika starts off with the first track ‘Hold You Down/My Baby’ and ends with ‘Throne Royale’ – the purest, most raw form she’s yet to unveil to the world.

In this exclusive interview, we learn that Saika goes through the stages of life by trial and error. From writing her own songs, to learning to produce and engineer her own music, she’s got the stamina to run with the music as far as she can with hopes to connect with her fans through her personal experiences. Check out our interview below, and more about Saika on her website.

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