Rudeboi talks Revamped Hyphy, Filipino Heritage, Urban Native Era

There aren’t many Filipino you’ll see in the pop culture. You’ll recall¬†Timothy Dela Ghetto, Jordan Clarkson, and Manny Pacquiao, or even a couple that I forgot to mention. The point is there aren’t too many to name. Reason being is that as a Filipino-American myself, there’s this understanding that our parents push us toward careers in the medical field. Fortunately, mine pushed for the career that supplies my happiness — not to say those who pursue medical careers aren’t happy. Similar to my situation, Rudeboi fosters his happiness from hip-hop.

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As a Bay Area native, Rudy Lopez aka Rudeboi involves his home, heritage, and represents his people of Urban Native Era and Rogue Wav Colectiv on every song. Through his songs, you get the feeling that the UC Davis graduate taps into his heart and mind simultaneously with every lyric he writes down. Without further ado, check out this exclusive interview with Rudeboi below:

00:00 – Interview – Rudeboi talks High School (Archbishop Riordan)
09:11 – Song – “HellaSay” by Rudeboi
11:55 – Interview – Rudeboi talks Filipino Heritage, opening up about his career to family
19:53 – Song – “Ano Ba” by Rudeboi
23:38 – Interview – Rudeboi talks Urban Native Era, Rogue Wav Colectiv
31:53 – Song – “Crossroads” by Rudeboi

For more on Rudeboi, check out his Soundcloud.

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