Rowlan Navigates through Heartbreak in New Single “Hold It Down”

Hold it Down by Rowlan

“Hold It Down,” an open letter to heartbreak, begins with L.A. rapper Rowlan opening up in a way that many of us can associate with all too well. From describing the collapse of a relationship to admitting that he’s still in love, “Hold It Down” shows us a man determined to pick up the pieces with lines like:

“I’m not the same because you ain’t around, baby/ You pick me up so imma hold it down, baby.”

Story | Zara Hurtado

His smooth vocals flow over a mellow, Mike Wingless-produced R&B track as Rowlan acknowledges a love lost and all the good times that came with it. He wishes his ex well, ending his second verse with this poignant tone:

“Hope this new piece of life here is treating you good/All in all it’s all love/Just the way that it should.”

After all has been said, arguments lost and bridges burned, Rowlan reminds us that the love is still there but he’s not going to let it break him down; he’ll just continue to hold it down.

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