“SMILE” by Meko SuPreme | A Delicate Duet

Hard times are a normal part of life. Some of us have been through more hard times than others. Speaking as someone who’s seen more than one dark time, I can admit how hard it can be to find something to smile about. But sometimes it just takes the smile on the face of someone you care about to turn everything around.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Meko SuPreme teamed up with Shar’ne and JIIM to release a new slow jam single, “SMILE”, on August 13, 2016.

The song, produced by Virginia native Alexander Mack, starts slow with a single piano playing paired with a few lyrics sung by Shar’ne.

Hey, they don’t wanna see you up
They’d rather see you down
O-h-h-h oh oh
I just wanna see you smile

The rhythm switches paces about a minute in when Meko SuPreme starts spitting his lines. The lyrics ooze desperation and hurt.

Good Lord, let me live another day
Let me make some change
Let me make a change

At first, Shar’ne’s lyrics and Meko SuPreme don’t seem to have anything in common. That is until Meko SuPreme addresses “Baby”, a presumed girlfriend or lover. One can assume this is Shar’ne.

Baby, let me feel your pain
Let me heal your pain
Let me take the pain
I promise I won’t make the pain

The namesake of the song comes within the last minute during a mash up of Shar’ne, JIIM, and Meko SuPreme repeatedly layer the intro and several variations of “I wanna see you smile.”

The vibey song is clearly intended to encapsulate the relief of seeing a smile on the face of a loved one during hard times. When the whole world wants to see you down, a smile from someone you love can be a game-changer and a half.

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