Four Rappers So Cool, They Were Made into Cartoons

Hip Hop’s influence is able to reach classrooms from Kindergarten to Harvard University. What you may or may not be aware of is hip hop’s immortalization in cartoons; another heavy influence for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Combining the two means for a recipe of impeccable entertainment and influence.

Here’s four rappers who have made their way into the cartoon realm.

Story | Nico Blitz

Logic surprised the universe with a special appearance on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty. The Elysium record label founder spit bars during an intergalactic concert and the coming of Rick and Morty’s death by the show’s protagonist Supernova. These gravitating lyrics were made specifically for the show, providing a glimpse of what the future of hip hop may look like.

Although his lyrics on this Rick and Morty episode stray away from Logic’s 2017 album Everybody, it’s undeniably entertaining to see him channel in Bobby Tarantino: “There’s a choo choo train, man, he’s rolling down Tragedy/Everybody knows Supernova fight gravity.”

The promotional image for the Rick and Morty special pays homage to Logic’s second studio album The Incredible True Story (2015), which materializes a futuristic world where the last known humans are playing the “album that changed everything.” The album debut number three on the Billboard 200.

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Logic wasn’t the first rapper to enter the cartoon realm, however. Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show once featured Childish Gambino and Tyler, the Creator in a rap battle as a duo known as CrewCrew.

Kanye West also made a guest appearance during a house party on The Cleveland Show, battling against Cleveland Brown Jr. over seemingly flirting with his at-the-moment girlfriend.

Aside from social media, I believe hip hop and cartoons have the ability to muster a heavy influence amongst Millennials. Although these rap battles and performances are undoubtedly entertaining, it would behoove Americans to see conscious-driven content between the two influential outlets. In other words, let’s see some insightful raps on immediately viral snippets of these cartoons.

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