“Project X” | A Comedic Introductory to SpiffyUNO and JaiRO

Creative. Energetic. Comedic. These are a couple words that instantaneously pop in your head when you gander on South Central’s latest rap artist who pairs well with an actor/rapper with a phenomenal flow. Introducing “Project X” by SpiffyUNO and JaiRO.

Story | Nico Blitz

Under Builders International, “Project X” is the introductory record to the label’s newest stars, SpiffyUNO and JaiRO, who have the potential to become a deadly threat in the game if their chemistry continues to grow. The single recalls a Watch the Throne Kanye West–Jay-Z exchange in lyrics, but carry the swagger of a Jadakiss–Styles P combination.

There’s no doubt the aforementioned legendary rap duos carry creativity and energy, but SpiffyUNO and JaiRO inaugurate comedic theatricals when looking at the visual. Their presence is felt, which is an absolute when it comes to fresh meat rappers.

It’s notable to point out that they are following the formula that worked for Kanye West and Jay-Z — a continued rhyme scheme that carries on between switched verses. For example, in “Otis” from Watch the Throne, Jay-Z ends his bars with a rhyme scheme that is carried over to Kanye’s bars.

Jay-Z: Everything’s for sale/I got five passports, I’m never going to jail

Kanye West: I made Jesus Walks, I’m never going to hell/Couture level flow is never going on sale

The same concept is applied to the Builders International artists’ in “Project X”:

SpiffyUNO: Never pump breaks, these lines will get them jumpin’ like a pump fake/Coming off these mad rhythms, these lyrics give ass whippins’

JaiRO: And now they’re looking like aftermath after the crash took em/I stood there and laughed with em while Spiffy put gas on em

Utilizing this concept is smart. It can only be accomplished by rap groups who have great chemistry, which tells us that the two have probably been building their craft before this video.

“Project X” is looking to be one of many the Builders International rap artists have beneath their sleeve. Be on the lookout for more from SpiffyUNO and JaiRO in the near future.

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