Words With Phay: “Wallahi” Means ‘Swear to God’ in Arabic (New Music)

Wallahi, Phay keeps finding ways to become prolifically relevant with every bop he’s put out in recent weeks. He started his trend by releasing “Phaytoven“, “Ohh Lala” and “Scrubs”, and now shares a piece of his culture with his latest record “Wallahi“.

Meaning ‘swear to God’ in Arabic, “Wallahi” is a record for Phay to flex his playfulness while he raps. The Atlanta-bred rapper utilizes his signature melodic flex sound to talk about how he’s unstoppable on the microphone within 3 minutes.

According to Phay, hip hop is an untapped market for people of Arab descent, so it only makes sense that he’s fusing the two cultures together. Though it’s likely not his intention, it looks like he’s marketing himself to become the leading voice for Arabic-Americans. And considering that Drake was able to popularize phrases like “YOLO”, “woes” and arguably “tings”, it’s no question that Phay is (subconsciously) following the blueprint.

However, this wasn’t the first time Phay attempted to share his culture with us. In 2017, he started his YouTube series called Words With Phay where he explained the definition for “Wallahi”:

Phayweather’s 2017 Wrapped presented by Spotify indicates he’s heard throughout 61 counties, has garnered 420k fans, and 72k hours in this past year on the app alone.

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