Phay & The Waws Execute Renditions of Past Records

It’s Phayweather, meaning the Atlanta-based rapper Phay is coming with some heat for the summer. Materialized into videos, his heat is packaged into three renditions of his own music over this past year. Below are Phay & The Waws first three episodes of their rendition series at Tree Sound Studios:

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Miloh Smith

This first episode contains a rendition of Phay’s record ‘Nahmean’ off his debut album Mama. The originally dark, mellow tempo is recreated with a jazzy atmosphere, creating a musical contrast to Phay’s paranoia.

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Episode 2 is one of my favorites considering it’s the song that introduced me to Phay. ‘Peace’ is his first single that debuted back in September 2016. This performance preserves its uplifting instrumental and visually becomes more dynamic with Phay’s dance moves.

This last episode is a rendering of ‘Miracle in Zone 6’ which rekindles Chance the Rapper’s ‘Blessings.’ He approaches this track melodiously, enabling us to feel the blessing within the performance itself.

This is just a sample of what we can expect from any future Phay performances. We get the dynamics, the sentiment, and the performer from Mama‘s boy. Stay tuned for a possible episode 4 of Phay & The Waws.

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