“Brooklyn” by Phay | World Premiere from The Lunch Table

In December 2017 Phay tapped in with his inner California rapper on “West Coast Bopton” — a Krikit Boi-produced single that pays homage to the greats from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Six months later, the Georgia-based rapper channels his inner “Brooklyn” flow on his latest single.

Introduced with triumphant horns and a Phay adlib vicariously setting you in the state of New York, “Brooklyn” instantly will become one of your favorite songs. It samples Hank Crawford’s “Wildflower”, which was used in Kanye West’s “Drive Slow” and J. Cole’s “Dreams”, that guides you through a plethora of punchlines and tweetable lyrics.

“Rap City in my basement till my house three stories/Till my face on Forbes, till my body in the morgue/Till I’m hella optimistic but got suicide doors”

Personally, “Brooklyn” catapults itself to the top of Phay’s discography. While also shouting out his previous projects Mama and E & Phay, his music keeps getting better with every release. Keep making these bops, Phay.

Enjoy this world premiere of “Brooklyn” brought to you by The Lunch Table.

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