The Internet’s Patrick Paige Shines in “On My Mind/Charge It to the Game”

The Internet isn’t a group comprised of just one-hitters, but a group of individuals that have the talent and presence to shine on their own accord. We got a taste of that last year on The Internet Presents: The Internet Tour  while they jammed out to their hits from Ego Death, Feel Good and Purple Naked Ladies. One of the standout moments from the night was when bassist Patrick Paige II ripped a solo and then proceeded with a rap dedicated to his younger sister.

Fast forward to today, and it looks like that project has finally come to fruition. Patrick just dropped the single and video for “On My Mind/Charge It to the Game”. He penned the track as an open letter to his sister in the wake of his mother’s passing, as a way to communicate and mend a broken relationship.

The song has an LA-essence plastered all over it. From traditional lowriders, to Patrick dawning a Crenshaw hoodie, and showcasing his rapping skills over the sounds of 80s R&B/Soul reminiscent of the early rap days of Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. The Internet’s lead singer Syd, offers her smooth vocals on the hook for “On My Mind” and Kari Faux wraps up the dual track on the latter half with her own melodic touch on “Charge It To the Game.”

Just as they did for Syd’s music video “All About Me” fellow band members, Steve Lacy, Matt Martians and Christopher Smith also make cameo appearances in the music video, highlighting once again the support of one another.

There are no gimmicks or over-exaggerations with Patrick. His authentic delivery and rapping style is as refreshing as a cold drink on a hot summer day in LA, and leaves us with an enticing sneak peek for his debut album Letters of Irrelevance, set to release on May 18.

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