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Bankrobber by Caleborate - The Lunch Table

What Caleborate, Robin Hood & Tyler Perry Have in Common: “Bankrobber”

Bay Area rising star Caleborate pushes a new visual to “Bankrobber” where he exemplifies the one thing we should all do: invest in ourselves.

Sound Bites: R&B

Smother Me by Olivia Nelson - The Lunch Table

The Song You’ll Dedicate to Bae: “Smother Me” by Olivia Nelson

Olivia Nelson slows it down on “Smother Me” to deliver a beautiful love song just in time for all the lovers for Valentine’s Day.

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Pasque - Coachella 2018 - The Lunch Table

Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Pasqué

Aminé and Pasqué slid through the charts last year as a unique sounding duo, making them worth the while at 2018 Coachella.

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Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Jacob Banks


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Before The College Dropout, Kanye West was a Go Getter

Prior to becoming a solo artist, Kanye West joined a rap group in Chicago called the Go Getters, paving the way for his success as a producer and label owner.