“Norm Life” by Olu Bliss | Reveals Our Preconditioned Tendency to Fit In

We all have our issues and problems but do we ever really let the world see that? We hide behind this facade that everything is perfect thinking that it’s normal. Nigerian born singer Olu Bliss taps into that very idea of the “norm life” and how we all buy into it.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

With a very soulful and good vibe type of beat, “Norm Life” by Olu Bliss is a very uplifting song — the type that you get ready to in the morning as you prepare for the day ahead. Which may be the very point of his whole song as you listen to it in the background subconsciously. You’re absorbing this realization that we’re all constantly just lying to ourselves trying to fit in with the rest of the world.

“Keep on pushing, keep on wishing, we keep lying to ourselves cus we’re preconditioned to see no issue. Guess that’s just the norm life…”

But is it just the norm life?

We’re human. We make mistakes, we struggle, and most of all we feel. Is it so wrong to feel? It seems as if the world has hardwired us to make us feel that it is. So as Olu Bliss notes, we keep going through day to day wishing things were different. Wishing we could just have a voice and express how we really feel. But we can’t because we’re constrained into this “norm life” that society has placed us into. And he makes sure to note that any deviation from this way of life will be detrimental. As long as you stick with the normal, everything will be alright.

Though his lyrics may state otherwise, this alternative soul music singer is sending us all a message. The “norm life” may not be all it seems. In order to release from the shackles, we must go back to what is actually normal by being real and dealing with life as we feel it – not how we perceive it.

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