Within the first week of it’s release, No Dope on Sundays has already hit #1 on the Apple iTunes Hip Hop charts. As a first for veteran rapper Cyhi The Prynce, this is definitely an awakening for his career. The album features artists like Pusha T, Kanye West, BJ The Chicago Kid, and Estelle (missed you girl!), and over the course of fifteen tracks covers religion, death, self-righteousness, love, ancestry and deception. Listen Below:

Cyhi The Prynce originally signed with Akon’s label Konvict Muzik and eventually landed four Grammy nominations for songs he wrote for Kanye West between 2014 and 2017. However, his personal career stabilized through the release of nine mixtapes. But now, with his first full studio album, No Dope on Sundays is proving to be a game-changing record for the rapper and to the hip hop Twitter community, earning recognition from Ebro Darden (Hot 97) and Ja’han Jones of the Huffington Post and even NPR’s Rodney Carmichael, in which Cyhi explained the importance of his debut album,

“A lot of my fans know that I grew up in the church, so I would religiously have to go. I did other things, as far as sports. But my parents just tried to keep me busy. They didn’t want me to have an idle mind. But once I started growing up, I realized that for me to really be somebody in the world I had to experience things myself, versus hearing it from your parents or your pastor or reading it in a book….Me combining both of my lifestyles — as far as the time that I did do in the streets and the time of my spiritual maturing and grooming by my parents — kind of gave me a third-eye view on a lot of topics and different situations. I can say I can go through some street shit with Jesus in the room. You have to be very, very honest. And I think that’s the dope part about me, is how I can exist in both worlds. So that’s what ‘No Dope On Sundays’ means.”

No Dope on Sundays is an album that reminds us all how our past influences our present and future, and I’m quite proud that for once we’re seeing an entire record that’s true to a rapper’s life. It’s so easy to fall into a gap of producing a “wanted” sound, but Cyhi The Prynce has proved that sounds and messages can influence each other, while making the majority audience happy.

My Album Favorites:
Track: “God Bless Your Heart
Lyrics: “One love / MTV, this is unplugged / stacking this cheese reminds me of momma’s lasagna / from crafting double entendres” from “God Bless Your Heart
Feature: Jagged Edge on “Don’t Know Why

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